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We provide innovative and research based pedagogical material and training for teachers. Our main focus is on promoting awareness and dialogue on questions related to worldviews and religions in education.

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We train yearly around 1000 educational professionals around Finland in co operation with local universities and educational organizations. We give our own trainings as well as workshops both at local training events and online. In addition we post ideas & material on social media throughout the year. Last year our materials got over 100 000 hits.

Our most popular themes

Worldview Dialogue Through Art
Dive into the world of symbols and create spaces for worldview dialogues with exquisite works of art. The resource and it’s pedagogical model include research-based information of symbols related to the pictures and ideas on how to use images in learning.

Religious Spaces as Learning Environments
Promote religious literacy and interfaith dialogue exploring a sacred space with your students using our resources online . You can use the pedagogical model to carry out various learning processes in religious buildings or in other cultural learning environments, or use them in the classroom to study the significance of the objects in a church and in a mosque.

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We all speak fluent English so please do not hesitate to email us on uskonnonopetus@step.fi or directly firstname.lastname@step.fi